Mindfulness for businesses

After working in the technology industry for 10 years I know just how important it is to step away from the noise, complications and sometimes discord within a business environment to gain perspective and clarity on what really matters.

It is becoming more and more common within high pressured environments for individuals to suffer from burnout, stress, anxiety and depression. We are only human after all.

My belief is that businesses can easily become the pioneers of supporting healthy working environments, healthy minds, healthy attitudes and as a result creating a healthy business.

Introducing mindfulness to a working environment allows individuals to learn tools and techniques to overcome stress and overwhelm.

I offer mindfulness retreats, workshops and courses for businesses and can customise workshops around your business intentions. Whether you are looking for a weekend retreat for your team or a one off mindfulness in house workshop. Mindfulness themes can include introducing calming breathing techniques, introduction to mindful movement, mindful appreciation, mindful journalling, mindful art and craft, acknowledging anxiety and stress, meditation, sharing circles, forest bathing, 5 sense walking.

Touch base with me to explore The Humble Retreat for your business.