Positive change programme

I am so pleased that you have come to this page to explore how we can work together to bring more positivity to your life. It’s my mission to help you be the best version of you by using positive mindset tools, affirmations, intentions and gratitude.

I want to offer you support for whatever mindset obstacle you are facing in your life and are looking to overcome. I have been there! I have pulled myself out of depression (on more than one occasion!) and I have recovered from bulimia and a binge eating disorder. I understand how lonely and bleak it can feel to be in disarray and uncertainty.

We are never completely “fixed” from our mental battles or life’s challenges. But we can become more aware of triggers and causes of feelings that overwhelm us. You can take positive action to be kinder to yourself in all situations and I want to help you get there.

The Positive Change Programme provides you with support for as long as you need, whether you choose to sign up for a month, 3 months or longer.

To find out whether this is right for you you can book a free one hour exploratory call with me. Please email hello@lizziefouracre.co.uk to get started!

What the programme includes?

  • 2 x 1 hour support calls per month
  • 1 x weekend retreat per month
  • 1 day retreat per month
  • Daily mood tracker
  • Weekly mindfulness exercises

Investment? £499 for 1 month