Lacking in motivation? Don’t be so hard on yourself!

A sudden lack of motivation when you have been so enthusiastic or focussed on something can be a huge drain in energy. It’s common to be ridden with resistance, self sabotage followed by guilt.

Going through a wave of feeling demotivated can be an incredibly positive and powerful thing if you choose it to be. When we feel unmotivated to do something we have set out to do we either force ourselves to push through (and generally feel better for it) or we completely quit and wallow in our failure. But it must never be seen as a failure. In fact it is just a moment to reassess what the result of the goal or focus truly means to us.

Feeling demotivated allows us time to get to know ourselves and our thought patterns and processes even better.  We are offered a stillness in time to just stop, breathe and work out what lead to our feelings of resistance. Through a time of demotivation we can also then re locate the sparkle and form steps to either get back on track or find an alternative route, when the time is right for you to do so! 

Here is an exercise including some questions to ask yourself when you are feeling demotivated or resistant towards achieving something you have set out to do or a focus you currently have. Answer the questions openly and honestly and write them down freely so that you can clearly see the root cause of your demotivation.

  1. What goal or focus are you currently feeling demotivated about?
  2. How important is this goal or focus to you? 
  3. Make a list of bullet points including all the triggers you can acknowledge that are making you feel demotivated.
  4. From this list strike out with a pen all the triggers that you know you can finally accept and forget about. Perhaps try this mantra as you do so: “ I acknowledge that this had an impact on my current state of mind. I accept it fully and can now forget this.”
  5. If there are any triggers remaining in your list ask yourself why you are unable to accept and forget those.  
  6. Come back to the goal or focus that you are currently feeling demotivated about and ask yourself how you will feel when you finally achieve this. 
  7. What does achieving that goal or focus look like to you?
  8. Write down a list of bullet points of all the feelings that you hope to feel as a result of achieving this goal or focus. 
  9. Will it be easy to achieve your goal or focus?
  10. Is there anything you are afraid of if you don’t achieve this goal or focus. And does that really matter?

If you are open and honest when going through this exercise you can truly understand the reasons behind your lack of motivation. You will also be able to understand whether the remedy is a case of just accepting the triggers and getting back on track or whether the outcome of your goal or focus is perhaps not as important to you as you originally thought. Perhaps the goal or focus needs to be re-considered or tweaked?

When feelings of disappointment or failure start to creep in which are common feelings during demotivation remember to always be kind to yourself and know that those feelings will eventually pass. Take the time to allow yourself to retreat, reset and realign.


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