Celebrate your milestones! One step at a time!

When I’ve had a dip in life or battled with a cycle of depression, everything seems totally out of reach. I can’t see clearly and my head feels as though it’s clouded with a heavy, damp, grey and thunderstorm ridden cloud. Nothing is easy. Nothing is worth celebrating. What’s the point?

During one of my particularly dark days, my mum once said to me “one step at a time”. This has been a mantra I regularly come back to. It’s kind and it’s gentle and it’s achievable. 

“One step at a time” has allowed me to be grateful for all the small baby steps I have successfully made during a dip. Each of those baby steps represents a milestone and each milestone is a success and something that I am grateful for. 

Whether it was pulling myself from my bed when I really rather stayed there, making myself a wholesome meal rather than sabotaging myself with a binge or a restriction, speaking to a friend and sharing my woes instead of pretending that everything was ok, dragging myself out for a run even if every inch of my body did not want to, smiling at a stranger even though I have wanted to hide, laughing out of enjoyment rather than out of force.

These all seem like pretty achievable tasks. But at the time, they were huge milestones. One step at a time I was moving forward into the light! 

One step at a time applies to good times, bad times, and just the ordinary day to day. 

Wherever we are in life we are hitting milestones every single day. We might forget to acknowledge them or show gratitude for achieving them – but they’re there! The small baby steps I am talking about are the ones you might think seem insignificant to someone else which might stop you from sharing or celebrating.

Remember, they are YOUR milestones. So celebrate and appreciate every single step towards each milestone. Whether it’s finally drawing the curtains after some dark days, saying what’s really on your mind, speaking up for yourself in a work environment, successfully arranging a date for friends to get together, or running 2 minutes longer than you did yesterday. Whatever it is, take one step at a time, and celebrate the milestones!

My first BUSINESS milestone happened yesterday, and I was so thrilled. After lots of talk from friends about booking to come to The Humble Retreat (which is a celebration in itself) I received my first official booking! The booking came from someone I haven’t spoken to in a while so I hadn’t even thought that they were interested. And even though setting up a business can be quite scary, I have complete faith in The Humble Retreat. I know the ticket sales will come, one step at a time. And each sale will be a milestone. And each milestone I will celebrate! 

One step at a time…

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