The Humble Retreat

Welcome to the The Humble Retreat, a weekend retreat allowing you to restore, explore and refresh.

Located at a converted barn within the beauty of the Shropshire Hills, The Humble Retreat is a wonderful location for a peaceful weekend filled with nature, peace and simplicity.

The Humble Retreat has been created to nourish your mind, body and soul. This heartwarming retreat offers gentle yoga, walking tours, delicious homemade food and simple and cosy accommodation for you to relax and re connect.

Take yourself back to basics in a humble environment and surround yourself with natural beauty, good food and like minded people.

The Humble Retreat is hosted by me, Lizzie and my mum, Mandy. I am so looking forward to welcoming you to be a part of this journey.

Due to the world changes in 2020, The Humble Retreat will reopen when the time is right and safe to do so. In the meantime send me a note or subscribe to my blog here.

A truly wonderful getaway, heartwarming wholesome hosting. The walks are perfect for someone with limited walking and rambling experience with breathtaking views. This is a retreat that has been designed from the heart and so it feels welcoming in a homecoming kind of way. I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have time to go for a week or several days – it will fit in between your working week and you will feel revived.

Kurly, Humble guest

Lizzie is one of the most open, beautiful and welcoming hosts you could ever ask for – from the time of booking, to arrival, and for the entirety of the weekend – she was an incredible hostess. Getting away and going back to basics for the weekend is a relief from modern life. Whether you need to find time for yourself, or just want to have fresh air and activity, it’s a weekend you will remember and keep with you for a long time.

Coralie, Humble guest.